Wirecath, developed by the Swedish company Cavis Technologies AB, is used by interventional cardiologists to measure if the pressure loss in the arteries is causing ischemia. This to determine the correct treatment for the patient.

There are already a small number of guide wires on the market, commercialised by large medical companies which dominate the global market. What is unique about the Wirecath is that it is the only pressure guide wire in the world that is immune to hydrostatic pressure errors. As such, it can increase measuring accuracy.

“The size and growth of the market, as well as the fact that our type of procedure is newly covered by reimbursement, made France interesting to investigate for further expansion”, says Stefan Tell, CEO of Cavis.

Business Sweden opened doors of global medical device companies
Cavis’ business focus was to find a partner in the French market. At first Cavis was looking for a small distributor, similar to what the company had in the Netherlands. However, the market analysis that Business Sweden provided the company showed that these types of actors do not exist in the French market. Rather, Cavis would need to look at partnering with one of the global medical device companies present in the market.

Business Sweden’s knowledge about the market was important in the market analysis, to identify the potential partners already present in France, and to target the right actors from the start.

Emma Hemmingson, Senior Project Manager at Business Sweden in France explains:

“We shortened time to market by helping Cavis identify potential partners for future commercialisation of the Wirecath. The project resulted in interest from almost all shortlisted companies, with a range of different partnership types on the table for France and globally”

Helene Gustafsson, Global Application Specialist at Cavis, says that Business Sweden supported the company in finding four global potential partners, paving the way for distribution in more than just France.

Business Sweden helped us gain market understanding, dynamics, and growth. Their language and culture skills enabled the opening of doors at the large medical device companies, facilitating the dialogues necessary to finding the best possible partner for our product. However, we have not chosen distributor yet, but thanks to Business Sweden we have been able to meet and evaluate relevant partners. The team showed great enthusiasm and competence and were clearly willing to walk the extra mile for us Helene Gustafsson, Global Application Specialist at Cavis

The future is bright
Cavis is in market introduction phase with their first product Wirecath. In parallell with the commercial market introduction, further clinical studies will be conducted to further strengthen the product on the market.

A partnership in France with a distributor at this stage enables the partner to take an active role in the market introduction as well as strengthen the clinical positioning in the market.

“With the unique product Wirecath, Cavis is sure to impact the dynamics of the market once commercialisation takes place”, says Emma Hemmingson.

Stefan Tell is also optimistic about the future.

“We are convinced that our way of making this type of measurement will change and improve the diagnosis of patients with cardiovascular disease”, says Stefan Tell.



Shorten time to market by helping Cavis identify potential partners for future commercialisation of their product Wirecath - a pressure guide wire that is immune to hydrostatic pressure errors.


Market check to gain knowledge about business opportunities in France. The market check led to a partner search, in which potential partners were identified, and the decision to choose one distributor.


Identified four global corporations/partners for Cavis in France.
Initiated dialogues with global medical device companies that showed interest in discussing a partnership in the French market.

About Cavis

Cavis is an innovative Swedish medtech company developing, producing, and supplying invasive cardiology care units with the mission to help improve cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment. The company is currently initialising the commercialisation of Cavis Wirecath, a pressure guide wire immune to hydrostatic pressure errors. At the same time, it provides unique torque control for easy navigation, even in the most complex anatomies.